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Linux-VServer Usage Statistics

{Please order by descending patch version, kernel}

Distribution and VersionKernel VersionPatch Version Hardware Platform
[PLD Linux 2.0 (AC)], x86_64 (AMD Opteron)
[Ubuntu breezy (vanila kernel) ]
[Debian GNU/Linux Sarge]2.6.17 [custom]2.0.2-rc24x86
[Slackware Linux current]
[Slamd64 Linux 10.2b] (AMD Athlon)
[Fedora Core 5]2.6.16-1.2123_FC52.0.2.0.rc21.1x86, x86_64 (AMD Athlon+Opteron DC)
[Debian GNU/Linux Etch], amd64
[Slackware Linux current]
[ALT Linux Sisyphus ]
-"-,,rc15x86, x86_64 (AMD Athlon, Opteron Dual-Core)
[Debian GNU/Linux (Mostly) Sarge] (AMD Athlon)
[CentOS 4.2]
[Debian GNU/Linux Sarge]
[Fedora Core 4],, 2.0.1x86, x86_64 (AMD Athlon)
[CentOS 4, 4.1, 4.2], x86_64
[Slackware Linux current]
[Gentoo Linux 1.6.12]
[Ubuntu Hoary]
[Gentoo Linux 1.4.16]
[Mandrake Linux Community 10.1]2.6.10,,1.9.5-rc2x86
[Fedora Core 3]
[Fedora Core 2]
[Debian GNU/Linux Sarge]2.6.8-rc41.9.2.16x86
[Fedora Core 2]
[Slackware Linux current]2.4.301.2.10x86
[Debian GNU/Linux Sarge], sparc64
[Debian GNU/Linux Sarge]
[Mandrake Linux 8.2/9.0]2.4.28,,1.2.10x86
[White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0 Respin1]2.4.28,,1.2.10x86
[Debian GNU/Linux Sarge]
[White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0]
[Slackware Linux 10.0]