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Let's have a work retreat & brainstroming

So here's the idea: get together somewhere for a couple of days, do some work together, get to know each other better in the process.


Sounds important, a work retreat. But my poor choice of words need not deter us from having fun. The idea stems from our booth at [LinuxTag 2006]. A couple of people set up the booth and lots of community members manned it, providing important info to all the good people visiting us.

Some of the booth staff went to [LinuxTag 2006] with some ideas in their mind of projects that might be fulfilled during the linuxtag: trying out newest versions, combining vserver with other tools that were never combined with vserver.

All of these ideas were bunk as there was so much else to do during [LinuxTag 2006]: talk to people, effectively convincing new poeple to try out vserver, talk amongst each other, try out Zeng's zany multi-head VServer-Desktop setup (Kudos!) etc. In short: apart from Milf having designed a nice Picture comparing different virtualization techniques, all we got together was to socialize and to market our nice OS project.

But the ideas are still there, a lot of work can be done, and we all thought it was a good idea to have met each other in person.

What to do

Some ideas to pursue:

  1. generate demonstration material.
    1. _are_ provided slides showing failover techniques using heartbeat and drbd
    2. Milf made a slide on Linuxtag comparing VServer virtualization to WM ware and no virtualization
    3. We need more visual aids for future tradeshos we want to attend
  2. code like f*ck: If the date is right, we can get the main developers together so they can have conversations no outsider may hope to understand
  3. create tutorials and documentation
    1. even Herbert conceeded that the wiki is everything but clearly arranged
    2. I (Milf) wouldn't be able to find setup information (this: http://linux-vserver.org/Memory+Allocation) for memory limits
  4. try out talks and tutorials on hapless community members
  5. Develop and try out workshops:
    1. multi-head setup using VServer
    2. fail-over setup using drbd
    3. http://linux-vserver.org/MediaWiki+GIT our next user/developer friendly frontend.

When to do it

Well, we're all exhausted by LinuxTag?, so not in the next month or so. It might be a good idea to hold such an event before the next tradeshow (maybe [Linux-kongress 2006]) where we get a booth to prepare materials and tutor booth staff.

It would also be a good idea to hold such an event _after_ a tradeshow to work up the gained experience.

Where to do it

Got your interest?

Just add here your name/nick, when and how long, and maybe short description on what you want to contribute. It is just for information only and non-binding (unverbindlich).