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General Administrative Tasks and System Tweaks

Renaming a vserver

Suppose you want to rename your vserver (the directories not the hostname). This can be accomplished by renaming the config directory and the root for the vserver in question, then modifying 3 symlinks to match.

  1. Stop the vserver in question
  2. rename the /vservers/<server name> directory
  3. rename the /etc/vservers/<server name> directory
  4. update link: /etc/vservers/<server name>/run -> /var/run/vservers/<server name>
  5. update link: /etc/vservers/<server name>/vdir -> /etc/vservers/.defaults/vdirbase/<server name>
  6. update link: /etc/vservers/<server name>/cache -> /etc/vservers/.defaults/cachebase/<server name>
  7. update link: /var/run/vservers.rev/<server XID> -> /etc/vservers/<server name>
  8. Start the vserver in question. It should start properly.