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portmap complains with the standard vserver-setup in this way:

Dec 26 18:29:27 openwrt portmap[2197]: SIOCGIFADDR: Cannot assign requested address
Dec 26 18:29:27 openwrt portmap[2197]: cannot find any active local network interfaces
Dec 26 18:29:27 openwrt portmap[2290]: connect from to unset(nfs): request from non-local host

this is because this SIOCGIFADDR (ifconfig uses the same) does not work properly inside a vserver (which is not vservers fault)

To get SIOCGIFADDR working you need to fill /etc/vservers/vserver-name/interfaces/iface/name

but(!) first stop the vserver, then edit the file and then start the vserver again!

otherwise it will not work.

The whole problem is caused by a check if the connection that registers a service comes from a local ip and if not, the request is refused.

another solution would be:

< aba> roswel_home: in portmap, from_local.c, from_local call, a return TRUE at the top.

there is already a bug report concerning this: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=295218

another workaround could be to add as nodev, but it didn't test this yet