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Whats that all about? We plan to have a booth at Linuxtag 2006 in germany to let the world see how great vserver is.

Here at this page you can find all needed information and can contribute with any help you can give.

We've been accepted for a booth at Linuxtag2006!

VServerAtLinuxTag?2006 Group is setup to discuss/to plan the forthcoming event:




What we would like to do on the Linuxtag


As usual the KaLUG? decided to make a Party at Friday evening in Karlsruhe at the AKK see: http://karlsruhe.linux.de/ , you are all invited to join the fun. Maybe we can organize some Car sharing or such. Some people can also stay at us overnight, please ask me about. (cehteh)


Folks, please mark your days:

H E L P___ W A N T E D!

Please add youself to the table below if you like to volunteer. If you like to volunteer, you will get free entrance to the linuxtag and the free conferencetracks. Besides that the fame in- and outside the vserver-community will be yours... ;)

Day 2.5.2006* 3.5.2006 4.5.2006 5.5.2006 6.5.2006
(Aufbau)     (18h: Abbau)
Bertl - - (x) x x
morrigan - - (x) (x) (x)
derjohn x x x x x (Organiser, contact aj@net-lab.net if you have questions)
cehteh x? x x x/2 - maybe tuesday, leaving friday afternoon
milf   x x (x) x Abbau: ja;
Gonzo x     x
Loki|muh - - - x x
cemil - (x) (x) x x
BenBen? - (x) (x) x x
Doener - - - - (x)
Hollow - - - x x (also representing the gentoo booth :P)
dschingen - (x) (x) (x) (x)
Kara - (-) (-) (-) (-)
_are_ - - x - -
zeng x x (x) x x (contacted derjohn at aj@net-lab.net as Soewono)
DaCa? - (-) (-) - -
sure 3x 4x 4x 7.5x 9x
maybe +1x +4x +7x +3x +4x

Marks in () mean "probably".

Those with only "-" have not edited their line, i.e. they may not have even been on this page.

EHLO Team! Please join:

Group Email Addresses

Post message: 	VServerAtLinuxTag2006@yahoogroups.ca
Subscribe: 	VServerAtLinuxTag2006-subscribe@yahoogroups.ca
Unsubscribe: 	VServerAtLinuxTag2006-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.ca
List owner: 	VServerAtLinuxTag2006-owner@yahoogroups.ca

What should be at our booth?


  (/me thinks the wiki is fine but for beginners a more structured an printable PDF guide would be better)
  (/milf thinks an O'Reilly Book is what to aim for :) )
  (/me says: we should go for it !)
  (/zeng: we could add "vserver based multi seat X11" as a bonus to the book)


Add own forwards if needed, see /root/forward* for commandlines

Missing Staff Tickets (to be picked up on wednesday):


What we learned on LinuxTag? 2006