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We want to thank ... for ... (in no particular order)

Sponsors and Donations

Rose Web Services L.L.C.

Founded in April 2001, located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA,
RoseHosting provides all kinds of hosting solutions, especially
Virtual Dedicated Servers, based on Linux-VServer Technology.
The first company in the world to offer commercial virtual server
hosting, as early as Sept. 2001.

(1.5 GB RAM, 2x 80 GB HDDs RAID1, unlimitted traffic)

Amoebasoft (Bill Schaub)

Amoebasoft is a small private company working on a rack mount server
appliance with a clean configuration interface and integrated
Linux-vserver support. We formerly developed 3rd party objects for
Sun One ASP (formerly known as chilisoft). our site will be updated
to reflect our new company focus soon.

(440 Mhz UltraSPARCIIi, 256MB RAM, 8GB HDD, unlimitted traffic)

Jon Bendtsen (DK)

complete with remote serial console and reset
(using ssh key limited commands)

Matt Ayres

TekTonic Network Solutions

Fabio Corneti

Joris Bontje (NL)

John Scott

Cathy Sarisky

Acorn Hosting

Tomer Horn

OpenHosting (Gregory Trubetskoy)

OpenHosting, Inc. is an innovative hosting company based in Vienna, VA, USA,
and providing more affordable, scalable, manageable and secure hosting solutions by
taking advantage of the latest technologies such as virtualization,
load-balancing and clustering. OpenHosting's solutions are based around
OpenVPS, an open source product in turn based on Linux VServer.

Lycos, France

complete with remote serial console and reset.

Mosaix Communications, Inc. (Christian Hergert)

Mosaix Communications, Inc. Founded in Dec 2002, Seattle, WA, USA
providing Enhanced Private Network solutions which can significantly
lower your ongoing IT costs, enhance security, connect your distributed
enterprise, and provide unprecedented visibility and control of your
network environment.

Developing their next-generation network services based on Linux-VServer.

Mark 'Schani' Probst (AT)

make sure to check out his [cool stuff]

Marc E. Fiuczynski (US)

including remote console (IBM)

Krzysztof Wilczynski (PL)

Guenther Fuchs (AT)

Jan Prunk (SI)


VServer Developers

Herbert Pötzl (AT)

(Laaben/Pama, in the middle of nowhere)

VServer Project Leader, Kernel Hacker, Quota guy.

Enrico Scholz (DE)


Creator of util-vserver the 'new' vserver tools

the actual kernel developments.

Björn Steinbrink (DE)


default configs.

Benedikt Böhm (DE)

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson (SE)

helping folks out on the irc channel

Jacques Gelinas (CA), Solucorp

VServer Project Leader till November 2003, Inventor and
Main Developer of Linux-VServer, author of Linuxconf.

Sam Vilain (NZ)


Developer of the Immutable Linkage (Invert), and
per-vserver TBF CPU scheduling for O(1) Schedulers.

Bruno Prémont (LU)

Simon Garner ()

Mark Lawrence (AU)


VServer Maintainers

Micah Anderson (US)


VServer Staff

Martin List-Petersen (IE)

Paul Sladen (UK)

(Beeston, Nottingham)


Honorable Mentions

Nathan Faber ()

Jonathan Sambrook (UK), DesignerServers

Oliver Seufer (DE)

Alec Thomas (AU)

Jan Zuchhold (DE)


Joris Bontje (NL)

'quotaoff hangs machine' issues.

Markus Müller (DE)

(from [GeNUA])

allowed to escape the chroot()

Ryan Hofschneider (US)

Veit Wahlich (DE)

Olivier Poitrey (FR)

James Boddington (AU)

kernel and tools (including dietlibc)

Jan Rekorajski (PL)

all currently supported fs (ext2/3,xfs,reiserfs)

Kai Neubecker (DE)

(missing setup of monolithic vroot device)

Chuck Gorish (US)

(from SBBSNet, Inc)

Serge Hallyn (US), IBM LTC.

Grzegorz Nosek (PL)

Martin Koniczek (DE)

Rich Estill (US)

... and all we forgot so far, for forgiving us!
please add yourself if appropriate.