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Open VZ Inspirations

netpoll_rx(), netdev_run_todo(), neigh_timer_handler(),
neigh_proxy_process(), rtnetlink_rcv(), ip_expire(), ipq_rcv_sk(),
tcp_write_timeout(), tcp_*_timer(), tcp_set_keepalive(),
qdisc_restart(), svc_*(), xprt_*(), pty_*(), get_tgid_list()

Open VZ Resource Params

Param Description
barrier A barrier over which resource allocations are failed gracefully. sbrk/mmap fails
limit hard resource limit
held consumed resources
maxheld maximum amount of consumed resources through the last period
minheld minimum amount of consumed resources through the last period
failcnt count of failed charges

Open VZ Resource Limits

Limit   Description
0 UB_KMEMSIZE Unswappable kernel memory size including struct task, page directories, etc.
1 UB_LOCKEDPAGES Mlock()ed pages
2 UB_PRIVVMPAGES Total number of pages, counting potentially private pages as private and used.
3 UB_SHMPAGES IPC SHM segment size
4 UB_ZSHMPAGES Anonymous shared memory.
5 UB_NUMPROC Number of processes.
6 UB_PHYSPAGES All resident pages, for swapout guarantee.
7 UB_VMGUARPAGES Guarantee for memory allocation, checked against PRIVVMPAGES.
8 UB_OOMGUARPAGES Guarantees against OOM kill. Only limit is used, no accounting.
9 UB_NUMTCPSOCK Number of TCP sockets.
10 UB_NUMFLOCK Number of file locks.
11 UB_NUMPTY Number of PTYs.
12 UB_NUMSIGINFO Number of siginfos.
13 UB_TCPSNDBUF Total size of tcp send buffers.
14 UB_TCPRCVBUF Total size of tcp receive buffers.
15 UB_OTHERSOCKBUF Total size of other socket send buffers (all buffers for PF_UNIX)
16 UB_DGRAMRCVBUF Total size of other socket receive buffers.
17 UB_NUMOTHERSOCK Number of other sockets.
18 UB_DCACHESIZE Size of busy dentry/inode cache.
19 UB_NUMFILE Number of open files.

(taken from 2.6.8-022stab032, which, according to SWsoft is GPL now)