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I tried linux-2.6.8 with linux-vserver-1.9.1 and found the patch would not apply without a lot of work and understanding.

# cd /a/directory/with/all/FC2/RPMS

# mkdir -p /vserver/1

# rpm -r /vservers/1 -Uvh bash-2.05b-38.i386.rpm glibc-2.3.3-27.i686.rpm mktemp-1.5-7.i386.rpm glibc-common-2.3.3-27.i386.rpm basesystem-8.0-3.noarch.rpm libgcc-3.3.3-7.i386.rpm libtermcap-2.0.8-38.i386.rpm tzdata-2003d-2.noarch.rpm setup-2.5.33-1.noarch.rpm filesystem-2.2.4-1.i386.rpm termcap-11.0.1-18.1.noarch.rpm

# rpm -r /vservers/1 -Uvh rpmdb-fedora-2-0.20040513.i386.rpm

# rpm -r /vservers/1 --aid -Uvh SysVinit?-2.85-25.i386.rpm

(Note the '--aid' option; it means 'install needed rpms'. It won't work unless rpmdb is installed in the vserver's image.)

# chroot /vservers/1 /bin/sh

sh-2.05b# ls

sh-2.05b# exit

If I type 'vserver 1 start', my xwindows session locks up. I have to use the mouse to reboot.

If I switch to vconsole 1 before typing 'vserver 1 start', I have two processes competing for my keyboard and screen.

Solved by commenting out 'mingetty tty1' line in the real /etc/inittab, and typing kill -1 1.

If I do that, the vserver starts running /etc/rc.sysinit, which does a lot of stuff I don't want to do.

It asks me about repairing filesystems.

In addition, the file /vserver/1/etc/fstab needs work.

Also, the file /vserver/1/etc/inittab needs work.

And /vserver/1/etc/rc.sysinit, or else tell inittab not to call it.

If I type 'vserver 1 stop', I get an error saying /proc must be mounted.

'vserver-stat' gives a list of running vservers, and doesn't need /proc.

'vserver 1 enter' works if and only if there's a context running (for instance say '12345') and /var/run/1.ctx has a line that says S_CONTEXT=12345.

Edit /var/run/1.ctx so that S_CONTEXT equals the context number

# vserver 1 enter

# pstree

# killall name1 name2 name3 (names of processes)

# pstree

# killall name4 (stragglers)

# exit

# vserver-stat (that context should be gone now)