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this page links valuable, pre-patched RPMs for Fedore Core 4

(if you don't use Linux-VServer then you probably will not need them!)

Package name:yum
Description:chroot doesn't work proper in original package, fixed with Enrico's util-vserver supplied patch
Binary package:http://muh.at/rpm/yum-2.4.1-1.chroot.fc4.noarch.rpm
Source package:http://muh.at/rpm/yum-2.4.1-1.chroot.fc4.src.rpm
if outdated:[mail maintainer]
Package name:pure-ftpd
Description:rebuilt --without-capabilities to work within a guest system
Binary package:http://muh.at/rpm/pure-ftpd-1.0.20-3.i386.rpm
Source package:http://muh.at/rpm/pure-ftpd-1.0.20-3.src.rpm
if outdated:[mail maintainer]
Package name:bind
Description:rebuilt --disable-linux-capabilities to work within a guest system
Binary packages:http://muh.at/rpm/bind-9.3.1-14_FC4.i386.rpm
Source package:http://muh.at/rpm/bind-9.3.1-14_FC4.src.rpm
if outdated:[mail maintainer]

Maintaners of other related FC4 rpm's are welcome to add there stuff. Pls do not mail maintainers for support of any kind, use mailing lists and IRC channel instead!