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Change Log

vs1.2.10 [2005.01.23]

vs1.29 [2004.09.29]

vs1.28 [2004.07.04]

vs1.3.9 [2004.04.20]

vs1.27 [2004.03.23]

vs1.3.8 [2004.03.01]

vs1.3.7 [2004.02.09]

vs1.26 [2004.02.06]

vs1.25 [2004.02.06]

vs1.3.6 [2004.01.23]

vs1.24 [2004.01.17]

vs1.3.5 [2004.01.14]

vs1.23 [2004.01.12]

vs1.3.4 [2004.01.06]

vs1.3.3 [2004.01.04]

(many thanks to Nathan Faber for testing)

vs1.3.2 [2004.01.02]

vs1.3.1 [2003.12.25]

vs1.22 [2003.12.13]

(kudos go to Jonathan Sambrook)

vs1.3.0 [2003.12.11] (based on vs1.21)

(kudos go to Oliver Seufer)

vs1.21 [2003.12.11]

(thanks to Jan Zuchhold)

vs1.20 [2003.12.05] (based on vs1.1.6)

vs1.1.6 [2003.11.28] (release candidate)

vs1.1.5 [2003.11.19]

(thanks to James MacLean)

vs1.1.4 [2003.11.19]

vs1.1.3 [2003.11.16]

vs1.1.2 [2003.11.14]

vs1.1.1 [2003.11.12]

vs1.1.0 [2003.11.04] (based on c17h)

vs1.00 [2003.11.01] (based on c17f)

c17h [2003.10.21]


to multiplex one syscall (sys_virtual_context, 273)
for different purposes.


Alpha, i386, PPC, Sparc, Sparc64, x86_64

ctx-17c [2003.08.10]


c17b [2003.07.21]

c17a (based on ctx17)

ctx-17a [2003.07.18]

ctx-17 (a long time ago ;)