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Context Caps (vs2.0)

Bit Mask Capability config Description
0 0x00000001 SET_UTSNAME utsname allow changes to the utsnames
1 0x00000002 SET_RLIMIT rlimit allow changes to resource limits
8 0x00000100 RAW_ICMP raw_icmp allow opening raw icmp sockets
12 0x00001000 SYSLOG syslog permit doing syslog commands
16 0x00010000 SECURE_MOUNT secure_mount enable secure mount (loop, ...)
17 0x00020000 SECURE_REMOUNT secure_remount enable secure remount
18 0x00040000 BINARY_MOUNT binary_mount enable network/binary data mounts
20 0x00100000 QUOTA_CTL quota_ctl allow quota ioctls inside guest

Context Flags (vs2.0)

Bit Mask Flag config Code Description
0 0x00000001 INFO_LOCK lock L prohibit further context switches
1 0x00000002 INFO_SCHED * L account all processes as one
2 0x00000004 INFO_NPROC nproc L apply process limits to context
3 0x00000008 INFO_PRIVATE private L context cannot be entered
4 0x00000010 INFO_INIT fakeinit X show a fake init process
5 0x00000020 INFO_HIDE hideinfo X show context info in task status
6 0x00000040 INFO_ULIMIT ulimit L apply ulimits to context
7 0x00000080 INFO_NSPACE namespace L use private namespace
8 0x00000100 SCHED_HARD sched_hard   activate hard cpu scheduler
9 0x00000200 SCHED_PRIO sched_prio   activate priority scheduler
10 0x00000400 SCHED_PAUSE sched_pause  pause context (unschedule)
16 0x00010000 VIRT_MEM virt_mem   show virtualized meminfo
17 0x00020000 VIRT_UPTIME virt_uptime  show virtualized uptime
18 0x00040000 VIRT_CPU virt_cpu - show virtualized cpu times
19 0x00080000 VIRT_LOAD virt_load   show virtualized load average
20 0x00100000 VIRT_TIME ^20   use virtualized system time
24 0x01000000 HIDE_MOUNT hide_mount   hide mounts outside the guest
25 0x02000000 HIDE_NETIF hide_netif   hide network interfaces
32 0x00000001 STATE_SETUP state_setup I context setup state
33 0x00000002 STATE_INIT state_init I assign init pid for guest
36 0x00000010 SC_HELPER * I activate state change helper
37 0x00000020 REBOOT_KILL ^37   kill processes on reboot
48 0x00010000 FORK_RSS fork_rss   block fork when over rss
49 0x00020000 PROLIFIC prolific - context can create new contexts
52 0x00100000 IGNEG_NICE igneg_nice   silently ignore priority raise

Code Description
L ... legacy flag (partial support)
X ... slighly different meaning in legacy
I ... internal flags (maintainance)
- ... unsupported/missing


Flags are set simply by having the word in the "config" column exist in /etc/vservers/XXX/flags (probably on a line by itself).

Setting virt_mem causes the RSS and AS limits (see Resource Limits) to act across the whole machine: RSS affects what /proc/meminfo calls MemTotal?, and AS affects what /proc/meminfo calls LowTotal?.